Welcome to the official Gallery and Store of Chinese-Jamaican artist Adrian Wong Shue. Various works newly released to the online market.

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Adrian Wong Shue

is a Chinese-Jamaican artist living in Los Angeles who produces figurative paintings, gouaches, drypoints, etchings, and sculptures. He has exhibited in galleries and sold to private collections around the world. From studying art at a young age, as with various teachers, and various cultural influences in his decades of work, he's developed a style of vivid imagery, figures, and textures. 




Just added "Angels on the Shore" to our personal Wong Shue art collection. This makes 16 drawings, etchings, and paintings decorating our living room and bedrooms... At this rate, we're going to need a bigger house! As a mixed and blended family, we love the artist's figurative work, multi-cultural designs, and vibrant colors. Simply beautiful !!!

  Sheri, Pasadena, CA

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